Making the Most Of Your Office Space

Your workplace has a huge impact on the quality of work produced. The design of your surroundings constantly affects the ability to stay productive and focused on the tasks at hand. 

Most studies on the matter point to a correlation between well-designed office spaces and productivity — which means making the most of your office space is important. With that in mind, consider these factors when setting up your office.


Having a well-fitted chair and table is essential for modern office work. Most of us spend a huge portion of our time sitting behind a desk, and ensuring that your office furniture is a great fit for your employees’ bodies is critical if you want to maintain proper posture and avoid back pain. 


Clutter is the enemy of productivity — which is why minimalist, utilitarian design is the staple of most modern offices. That’s why all office designs by wilsonbauhaus interiors promote the functionality and evergreen visual appeal of minimalism — ensuring mental clarity without unnecessary visual disruptions. 


Regardless of whether you need creativity and inspiration or the focus required for analytical thinking — lighting is as vital as it is overlooked when it comes to office design. Bad, muted lighting can result in headaches, eyestrain, general fatigue, and plain old irritability. 


Don’t underestimate the effects that color has on our brain — especially our mood. Specific colors invoke different emotional (and even physical) responses. Considering that picking the right colors for your office space should be a central task rather than an afterthought. 


The amount of noise you have in the workplace can vary quite a lot, depending on how effective your office design is, what kind of company culture you foster, and how big of a team you’re working with. Even in a laid-back office without strict noise policies, higher noise levels will lead to less focus and lowered productivity. Ensure that your office design allows for some peace and quiet. 


If possible, it’s always a good idea to make sure people can work from different spaces within the office. You’d be amazed at the different perspectives you can gain by physically putting yourself in a different space. Consider arranging your conference rooms, lobbies, break rooms, and other places so that they can be used by various employees when they want a change from their regular desks. 


Much like color, our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our current mood, mindset, and productivity. With that in mind, think about adding certain scents that will help your mind focus in the workplace and stop you from drifting off. 

Cinnamon is known to strengthen focus, and peppermint is a great mood lifter. Add space generally, any kind of citrus will bring some much-needed freshness to a dull workday.

wilsonbauhaus offers a variety of services, like design and space planning to help you get the most out of your office space. If you are looking for space planning, help with reconfiguring your current office furniture, or need new office furniture, let wilsonbauhaus guide you through this. Visit our website or give us a call today!